Simple Spring Cleaning

tea tray

Spring is here! I am so thankful for warm, sunny days and green grass, budding trees, the first wildflowers and herbs, and ‘all the things’ related to the season.

Spring cleaning is at the top of my to-do list. I don’t particularly relish the thought of all the work that awaits me, but I do anticipate having windows that sparkle and shine rather than add a hazy grime to the view. I do look forward to the annual decluttering of closets and cupboards, and the space and room to breathe that it creates.

I’ve recently discovered Brocante Home and am spending my evenings and afternoon quiet time devouring the Vintage Housekeeper books. Fun, inspirational reading, filled with practical housekeeping tips and tricks, not to mention those delightful puttery treats.

The Seasonal Scrub, A month-long countdown to Domestic Bliss!  is my guide for this year’s attack on the dust and clutter that abounds.  With one task per day and lots of treats and such along the way, I am rather looking forward to this year’s Simple Spring Clean.

For more green cleaning recipes to help with your own springtime (or everyday) cleanup, see my Eco-Crafty Pinterest Board.

So, how about you- are you ready for a Simple Spring Clean?

What is your favorite tip for spring cleaning?



One thought on “Simple Spring Cleaning

  1. I don’t have any tips since we are just starting to go natural and use a more green cleaning method. I am just happy when the cleaning is done!

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